Kate Bennett is the Director/ Head Teacher of Lighthouse. She is a former parent. She served as an Assistant and Head Teacher since 2016. Kate received her Head Teacher certification from the State of Connecticut in 2017. She has her Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education from N.H. Technical Institute as well as her Bachelor's Degree in Psychology/Child Studies from E.C.S.U. In 2019 she served as the assistant Director. She has many years of working with children of all ages including childcare centers, volunteering in 4H and youth groups. In March of 2020 she received her director certification. Kate strongly believes in the Lighthouse Exploration and Learning Center educational philosophy and program.
She is married and has 3 children of her own 2 of which have attended Lighthouse. She enjoys being outside. Every year she goes backpacking with friends and family. She also enjoys nature and raising farm animals. Many of these interests can be seen expressed in the activities in the classroom. Such activities may include hatching eggs, raising butterflies, frogs and a classroom fish tank. Her love of messy projects, active and easy going personality is seen in the work that she does with children. She is involved in many areas of volunteering within the church youth programs as well as 4H.

Stacy has 7 years of early childhood experience, five at lighthouse and 2 at CLECC. Twenty years as an RN. She has an associates degree in science and all the course work completed for her CDA ( Child Development Associate and Early childhood Credentials) and working toward her head teacher certification . She is married and is a mother of 5 children who have been through the Lighthouse program. She enjoys cooking vegetables and anything to do with the outdoors including hiking, running camping and backpacking adventures.

Amy was raised in a Christian home. Amy became interested in working with young children and worked in child care as well as a nanny over the years. When she moved to Connecticut, she worked at a child care center and earned her CDA from Capital Community College in Hartford. After five years of working in childcare, she began her own family and became a stay at home mom enjoyed all that it had to offer. Both of her children attended Lighthouse. Her daughter is now a college graduate and her son is currently in college.